Message from the Ambassador

In my capacity as honorary patron of the Ireland Spain Econimic Association, I take pleasure in welcoming all visitors to this website.

ISEA is a most valuable instrument for the enhancement of bilateral relations between Ireland and Spain. Mutual interest and respect as well as many similarities provide for a warm and sound understanding between the Irish and Spanish peoples. Commercial relations have intensified over the years and still offer important potential for improvement.

The Role played by the Association in promoting trade and investment beween Spain and Ireland is crucial. It constitutes a valuable forum where members can gather and exchange information which will be of great interest and contribute the the success of their economic activities in both Ireland and Spain.

ISEA has established, throughout its many years of existence, an important network of connections and partnerships with key economic actors in both countries which will be of great use for anyone doing business in either country or planning to do so in the future.

I look forward to supporting ISEA in all its future endeavours.

José María Rodríguez-Coso.
Ambassador of Spain